Exercise from ctrlpaint.com: Form, Value, and Light

This time the goal is to paint an ear with values (shadow and light).

Here are my two attempts:



I’m not satisfied with either of these tries. But hey, that will do the trick for now. I have to progress on painting with a tablet and a pen.

You can see the video of this exercise here: http://www.ctrlpaint.com/videos/form-value-and-light.



Exercise from ctrlpaint.com: Brush Technique Blending

This time the goal is to blend the tones of different forms.

The first exercise is to blend some planar forms. Here is my result:


And the second exercise is to blend the tones of an apple, from rough edges to smooth edges. Here is my result:


You can see the video of this exercise here: http://www.ctrlpaint.com/videos/brush-technique-blending.



Exercise from ctrlpaint.com: brush control 1

Ctrlpaint is a website where you can learn how to draw and paint digitally. The videos are free.

Because I already know the basics of drawing, after watching “1) Digital Painting 101”, I jump directly to “8) Making the Switch to Digital Tools”. What I really want is to learn how to paint in Photoshop.

Here are my results from the two first exercises of this section.



Two very simple exercises but not so easy to achieve.

You can see the video of these exercises and download the associated files here: http://www.ctrlpaint.com/videos/brush-control-pt-1.



Exercise from ctrlpaint.com: digital painting 101

The first two videos of the “Digital painting 101” from Ctrlpaint don’t have any real exercises.

The third one has an interesting exercise on mixing color. Here is my result:


Pretty close, I think.

And the fourth video also have an good exercise. Here is my result:


Not too bad either.

But theses are relative trivial exercises, so… nothing to be proud about! 🙂

It’s just the beginning. A long way to go…



Learning to paint digitally


On the internet, a lot of options are available when you want to learn anything.
It’s frightening. So much content !

So you have to spend some times in finding which could be right for you.

The first resource I selected is CTRLPAINT. Why ? Because it’s well-made and it’s free.

I wanted to learn the basics of painting in Photoshop, before moving on something more complicated.
So here it is: http://www.ctrlpaint.com/.

You should start by the first five videos on “Digital paiting 101”.
It’s a great way to begin :

Have fun!